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My mission is to use my passion for creative imagery to help vegan, plant-based and purpose-driven brands expand their reach and impact their audience meaningfully. I aim to elevate their products and messages to the next level by creating fun, powerful, and innovative visuals. I hope to help these brands grow and thrive, positively impacting the world.


As a visual designer, my goal is to create engaging imagery that tells a compelling story for purpose-driven brands.


I use my expertise over 10yrs + in the creative industry and various design tools and skills to craft powerful and creative imagery that inspires the audience to take action. I am passionate about helping businesses grow their reach and impact by showcasing their products and messages in ways that resonate with their target audience.


I'm all about making a difference! I believe in the power of visual storytelling to inspire change and create a better world. With my help, your vegan and purpose-driven brand will be able to inspire action and make a meaningful impact.
We're all in this together!

Where the story started...

My journey began at a young age when I already had a strong interest in exploring various artistic outlets. During my early teenage years, I discovered my love for photography, spending countless hours in a darkroom developing my images. Alongside this, I was captivated by the movie-making process, eager to understand how they brought stories to life.

As a result, I pursued a university degree in illustration, leading me to a career as a visual development artist in the animation and games industry. I followed on with a hiatus when I then became a fitness instructor and nutrition coach, fueled by my passion for helping people live healthier lives.

My roots in creative image-making kept calling me back, leading me to fall back in love with filmmaking and graphic content creation through my brand's educational videos and content creation for clients. It was during this process that I realized that my skills could best be used to help others by supporting brands and products that align with my values for a healthier and more ethical way of life.

This realization inspired me to create Plant Powered Media, where I help vegan and purpose-driven brands elevate their visual branding and increase engagement, impact, and sales. With a strong commitment to supporting ethical values, let me help your brand tell its story in the most compelling way possible.

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